175 Marsh St.          What's in there?

Occupying what was for many years the village bank in charming downtown Clarksburg, The ArtBank Collective is now home to an eclectic and diversified group of artists and artisan contributors, each showcasing their unique creative offerings in this elegant and inviting space.

Founded by Collective members Don Kilby painter, and Jeff Gillmor, metal fabricator; the pair had been seeking an attractive and unique place to exhibit and blend their very different creations in a complimentary fashion.

With the bank space secured, a decision was then made to invite a select group of artist and artisan friends to join in and the Collective was born! 

The picturesque village of Clarksburg, situated along the lovely Beaver River, is currently home to a growing number of art galleries, antique shops, unique stores and destinations!


The emphasis of the ArtBank Collective is towards showcasing creators that are doing something distinctive and unique with their art, pushing boundaries and creating truly one of a kind pieces. Not at all your run of the mill gallery, besides paintings and pottery, there is handmade stools, custom outdoor kitchens and cabinetry, sculptural work, hand made paper art, the list goes on!


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